Monday, June 14, 2010

Crazy SEX Thoughts

SEX always jumping around in my head. I think about sex that I want to be having, sex I outa be having. I think about my friends having sex and ( I hate to admit it) but I think about Baby Girl and Daddy having sex.

I think about the lifestyle and how most subs seem to get off on the pain our Masters place on us. It has got to me more mental then physical. When I was little pain was such a fear and now I embrace it. I crave for the attention…and the love that is felt.

Is it normal for me to think this much about sex? Could it be that this has something to do with Master C? Going from such an intense sexual relationship to slamming on the breaks.

What is my point with this post? I don’t know. I was thinking about sex and thought maybe I should write about what I was thinking. I know…I’m crazy.


  1. I think it's normal, yes. To me I compare it to pregnancy. You never realize all the pregnant women around you until either you find out you're pregnant or you know someone close to you who is. It's an awakening to your senses and what's going on around you.

    Your sexual senses were woken up, your desires, wants, needs, curiosity, etc. You aren't thinking about it too much, it just happens to be what is currently on your mind. I'm assuming that it's also a bit of a panic for you. Personally if Master and I were to break things off I would secretly be freaking out that I wouldn't really get to have sex, not the sex I craved anyway, for a LONG time. My worry would consume me and I would do nothing but think about sex and the fact that I wasn't getting any ALL DAY LONG.

    Whether your thought process is the first suggestion or the second or a mixture of both, it's not 'abnormal'. After all, who can really define 'normal'?

  2. carrie--you have undergone a big change in your life, so you have time to think about things now, and perhaps are having less sex than before. What is "normal" doesn't matter. If you like sex, you should fulfill your desires as long as it doesn't create problems in your life. for example, someone who likes sex so much they are willing to stay with an abusive partner is damaging themselves. Someone who likes sex so much they masturbate until 11 am when they should be at work is damaging their lives.

    I don't know your exact situation, but even if you masturbate three times a day, and shove vibrators up your pussy and up your ass and lick your own nipples, whatever turns you on, who cares as long as it gives you pleasure and doesn't hurt someone else.

    The only advice I would give you is be careful. When you get into a sexual relationship again don't let your desire for sex overtake your reasoned judgment in deciding if your Sex God is also Mr. Right.

    Have fun with it!

  3. This comment was emailed to me...

    I read your blog post and yes, it is normal for you to be thinking so much about sex. Why?

    As I've written before, being a sub gives you the freedom to experience your innermost desires, as dark as they may be, knowing that you want to realize them and you don't have to feel guilty about it because you are not in control.

    Great sex is physical, but the mental part is far more important. It's the anticipation of seeing your Dom, knowing that he is in full control, and wanting to submit to his every desire because deep down it pleases you to be "worshiped" as a sexual being.

    The lack of sex plus the loss of the intimate "connection" is leaving you in withdrawl. Face it, you are really horny and cumming by yourself or watching porn isn't going to do it for you. You do need a Dom in your life if you are to be fulfilled because you also crave a stable relationship built upon a foundation of trust and respect.

    I'm not sure if being abstinate for a while, getting a "friends with benefits," or seeking a new Dom is your answer. But it's a shame that a sexy and desireable woman like yourself is denied the pleasures of her flesh from being enjoyed by her Dom.


  4. Ariia, Tom, and J - Thank you so much for your in depth observation. When I got involved with Master C, I never thought I would feel the way I did with him and now that it had to end those feelings are ever so strong. I am thankful for the warmth and support that our little group has given me.

    You are all the best.


  5. It has been discussed before about how a D/s relationship can be much more intense and emotionally connected than a vanilla one, based on the intimacy and trust that are involved. I have no doubts that you are experiencing some mental quandaries in getting past this, but it will happen. It is natural, especially for a sub, to have the sexual needs and feelings.

    We as Doms ask our subs to open their minds to their sexual side and to embrace it and not hold back. Most subs are much more open and in tune with their sexual side. Now being without a dom, you still have all the feelings with no direct outlet. Like tom said, don't let your sexual desires overrule your reason.

    I do like and agree with the email you received. Right on target.

    As for Daddy and baby girl...OMG!!! You are now venturing into the seriously deviant side of things. LMAO! (No offense D and BG) Just having fun!