Thursday, June 10, 2010

Harsh Punishment

It was again a stupid action by me which caused the punishment. I had overdawn on my credit card and I had to ask you for money to pay it off. You paid the cheque but were very angry and I knew that my bottom would pay a terrible price for your generosity. You called me before you and said that this punishment would last over the weekend and I could expect several sessions. Tonight I would be tied naked to my bed in the spare room while I thought of what was to come.

Sure enough my hands and feet were bound and I lay uncomfortable and unsleeping through the long night. In the morning you came forward and unfastened me and told me to have a shower before coming to the office for the first session with the cane. I knew then that my bum would really feel it because if you were starting with the cane you were intending it to hurt. I had my shower and after drying myself came to the office. The long ladder had been placed in position and I you told me to climb the first step and then to hold on to the top bar. You fastened my hands and feet and then placed a strap above my waist and below my knees whilst a bolster between my abdomen and the ladder forced my bottom out. Finally you placed a hood over face and a gag in my mouth. I could not see anything and could make no sound.

I waited and waited and nothing happened and then a searing shock as the punishment cane lashed into my bum. It seemed like an eternity before the next stroke landed and added to the pain. Stroke after stroke fell and by now they were crossing each other as the weals raised began to mingle. Then there was a pause but I could see nothing so did not know whether this was the end or just a respite. The interval went on for several minutes before I felt your hands on my sore bum and then I felt the kiss of the birch as you touched me. This was a judicial birch with five long supple twigs still with the buds on. It marks and also raises blisters. I steeled myself as I was sure it was time and then felt as though a a burning brand had been laid across my bum. This was only the first and the next stroke searched out the areas which had been untouched before. The third, fourth and fifth landed and then a stroke which made me want to scream as it seemed to impact on every nerve in my bum. I shuddered and collapsed in my bonds. You left me for several minutes before unfastening me and telling me to lay down on my face as you would apply ice and some soothing ointment. I lay there completely exhausted while you tended to me. When I looked I could see the mess my bum was in but I knew from experience that the weals and bruises would soon come out. I was more worried about the pain my behaviour had caused you and this would remain in my mind longer than the marks on my bum.

I now worried what further punishment was in store and when you told me I had to spend all day naked with my well punished bum on view I knew the humiliation which only the spanked can understand. That night again I was tied to my bed naked - fortunately it was a warm night - and in spite of the pain I slept well. When the morning came and you opened the door I looked to see if you had anything in your hands. I was relieved to see that they were empty and, after unfastening me, you told me to bend over so that you could inspect the damage. You said nothing but told me to have a shower and report to your office. I showered and dried and then presented myself to you. You told me that the rest of my punishment was to be administered now and would be the wooden paddle followed by the cane. My bum was already so sore that I did not know hether I could take more but I had faith that although you would push me to my ultimate limits you would not abuse me so I prepared myself. This time it was the A-frame and it was already in position awaiting me. I stepped forward and heard you whisper "Courage" as I took up my position and you strapped me into place.

First was the wooden paddle - that most lethal of all instruments -which not only sears the bum which has holes which leave little blisters. The firt stroke landed on my bum and I seemed to rise up as the pain coursed through me. The second and third followed with a final three. My whole bum area was now a mass of pain and I knew I must prepare myself for the cane. I saw that you were using the medium cane. A few taps and then it homed in its lash impacting upon the marks already there. A second, then a third up to twelve before you finally stopped and, after a minute or two unfastened, me. As I wept you hugged me to you and I knew that it had been your love which had made you treat me so harshly when I had disgraced myself. You told me that it was all over and nothing more would be said. Now you told me to lay face down and you soothed my bum with ice and cream. The wonderful thing was that once it was over we had a marvellous day down by the river laughing and joking and thowing sticks into the water for Beauty our Labrador to retrieve and then trying to get away when she shook water over us. That night in spite of my soreness our lovemaking was as passionate as ever and I thought it would never end.

OK...I did not write this but after reading it I just had to post it for all to read. I bit harsh for me.

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