Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tid Bits

What a week this is starting out to be. My sex life is non existent. And my boss’s bipolar disorder is in rear form.

I got a new phone over the weekend after my other phone committed suicide by jumping into the washing machine. But I now own a Samsung Moment by Sprint. It is very cool. Playing with it is taking up all my time. LOL So now I can keep up with all your posts as it will alarm me as soon as you write it.

Later this week I am giving my son his 5th birthday party. He wants a pool party witch sounded like a good idea at the time but the weather man (actually busty weather woman) said we might be getting a tropical depression or possible storm. This should be no surprise to me as Ryan was born 1 week before Hurricane Katrina hit South Florida and 2 other hurricanes followed that year. And every year since it has stormed during his party. ( I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something)

I once again feeling very horny but I am hoping with all that is happening this week the hornyness will take a back seat for a while.

Tonight The Deadliest Catch is on. This will start the series of Captain Phil’s stoke and what it was like for him and his family leading up to his death.

So have a nice evening and maybe I will have some great sex story to tell you tomorrow. 


  1. I wrote out long ass replies to both this and the previous blog post of yours and stupid ipod touch deleted them or just didn't post them or something, bleh. ANYWAY, lol @ the phone committing suicide, what a funny way to look at that :) Love your sense of humor.

    I'm sorry this week so far hasn't been kind to you but at the same time I hope it stays busy to keep your mind off other stuff. It's somehow easier for me to focus when the world seems just a little crazier because when I have next to nothing to do I find myself obsessing over silly things (or things I can't possibly control). And that's just unhealthy.

    We'll be watching the Deadliest Catch tonight, thanks again for the heads up on Captain Phil!


  2. For the love of Pete, just stick your fingers up there and take care of yourself. You're driving us all crazy with anticipation.

  3. Hi Tom, Dont you think I have done that? Its not working...I need real sex

    ariia - I cried at the end of the show. So very sad when his crewman found him face down. I dont know if I will be able to watch next week.