Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm always curious about you, about what you look like when reading my blog, where you read it, whether you play with yourself, whether my words make you cum... I'm turned on by the idea of you being turned on by my writing - sounds complicated, but just as my erotica (hopefully) arouses you, your comments arouse me, very much. When I write, what often arouses me the most is thinking about you reading what I've written, wondering if it'll turn you on, wondering just what you look like as you cum... I like to think about that, with my dirty imagination...

Yes…once again I am left being completely horny. I want to do things, read things, experience things that will arouse my sexual being. Do any of you feel this way? Or do I need help?


  1. I'm sure most of the readers and writers who frequent these blogs have a stronger than average sex drive. Yours seems to be healthy enough--it just needs some release. If you keep filling the car with gas but never drive it, you'll end up with a big fire after the excess spills all over the place.

    What I had in mind is that you wear some kind of clamp on your pussy lips for a whole day, no matter what activities you have planned, and then blog about it to us all the next day.

    If you are up for it, I'll have another assignment for you next week. If not, I understand, but since you are so horny I thought it might be a good exercise for you--to make you even hornier, you naughty nasty girl.

  2. What kind of clamp? hmmmm might be intresting

  3. Reina--

    There are many different kinds of clips you could use. You could use the office kind, though they might be a bit harsh. You could use a more industrial clip. You could use a hair clip, one that is not too bulky. Here is a whole page full of ideas (I don't know how to drop pictures in the comments box):

    I'll let you choose the clip. You just have to agree to wear it from 9 to 5, then blog about it. Try to choose one that is not so bulky so it won't get in your way, and put one on each of your pussy lips and wear it there all day. It will make your pussy wet just knowing you have to wear it. If you get so hot you have to masturbate, let us know. Tell us everything. They clip you choose, the experience, your difficulties and your final observations. :)

    What do you think?

  4. DEAL...I will do it. My plan is to try it tomorrow. Stay posted...

  5. Choose something that won't hurt too bad--if you really wear them all day they will start to hurt, so I would suggest getting something that doesn't clip too tightly, and choose ones that aren't too bulky, just because it will be harder to sit with them. And leave them on. All day.

  6. Tom, I love this idea... I am going to do it for you but I will do it on Friday when no one is in the office. I think I have ther perfact clip to use.

    Stay tuned