Thursday, August 19, 2010

Punishment or Pleasure? Hmmmm

Did I tell you that you could touch yourself?

you know that you need my permission before you touch yourself
you're such a dirty little slut
take your fingers away from your clit
I'll tell you when you can touch yourself

you're going to submit to me
I'm going to use you
use you for my own pleasure
I'm going to take you
you're mine tonight
I'll do with you as I please

get up
get up off the bed
come over here
did I tell you that you could touch me?
dirty little slut
you clearly can't behave
turn around
put your hands behind your back
that's it
keep them there as I tie your wrists together
does that hurt?
then perhaps it'll teach you a lesson

move back closer to me
as I slide my hand into your hair
and take a handful
and pull your head back
you love that, don't you...?
you love it when I tug your hair...
like this...
I love the way you gasp...
with your head right back like this...

can you feel me pressed up behind you?
can you feel how erect I am?
you want it, don't you?
you want this cock inside you
tell me
tell me you want my cock inside you...

I am a slut. I'm your dirty fucking slut.

I want you inside of me now.

Hard and throbing.
I want you to fuck me.
I want to feel you hot and want to feel you pounding inside of me.

Punish me baby.
I started without you.
Fuck me now.

Please baby don't leave me here. Don't leave me here wanting you. Begging for it.
I want you to fuck me now. Pleeeaaaaseee


  1. OH SHIT!!These last two posts are incredibly hot!!I can hear you saying those dirty words during a session.Mmmm..made my day!! Thanks!

  2. I don't know why you feel the need to tease and torture me this way! WHY OH WHY?!?!



  3. OOOOH I can say that about you on Friday'

  4. Love this post!! I finished my blog and then read the title to yours thinking "Are we all getting punished today?!" Lol. I'll trade if you'd rather though :P

    Damnit now I'm horny all over again.... gah!

    Great post reina!!

  5. Pleasure, definitely pleasure, not pain.