Wednesday, August 11, 2010


“You're late!” You look at the clock on the wall. “ You're late by 30 minutes. I know you're going to give me an excuse. I don't want to hear your excuses!” I see your standing at the stove, several pots and pans are out. I can smell the cooking aromas. You look at me dressed in my tight gray skirt and button down shirt. You look down at my legs and to my feet wearing my black stiletto heels… I am looking down at the floor. “You know you're late. And you know what else you've done. "Take off your clothes,” I immediately comply, My hands tremble a bit as they fumble with the buttons. “Good” My shirt hits the floor along with my skirt and underclothes… my shoes still on.

You undo your belt and lay it on the counter. You go back to finishing the dinner you have prepared. I am now standing before you, naked with my eyes cast down at the floor.
"Come here." you say. "Kneel down in front of me." I quickly rush to where you are standing. "I expected better from you. I expected your trust. I expected your faith in me. I expected your complete submission to me. I'm very disappointed." I can feel my face fill with panic. "Do you want me to be your Master? I'll still give you the choice if you want to leave. I'll release you if you want to go."

I look up at you with a stricken look in my face, "No Master, please, I'm sorry. I respect you, I trust you. I'll be good, I promise. Please." You turn from you without saying a word and go back to cooking your meal. “ I know you're upset. You should be.” You finish cooking and make a plate for yourself and walk to the table, belt in hand. My eyes are still down looking at the floor. You eat your meal, slowly, giving me time to think about what I have done. "Are you staying?" You ask. "Yes Master," I whisper. I can hear the anguish in my voice. You get up from the table and walk over to me. You look down at me and stroke my hair. "Get up," You say quietly. I stand slowly, stretching out your cramped muscles. You beckon me to follow you into the living room. "Sit," you command and I sit down on the couch. You stand in front of me, your legs apart, your hands on your hips. "Are you mine?" You ask. I nod. "You must be punished, slide off the couch, to your knees and turn around and bend over” You say. I groan softly and do as you ask.

Your hands touch my back, down my ass and make their way to the inside of my thighs. I hold my breath as you notice that I’m already wet. There is silence….SWISH! with the first swat of you belt. My eyes watering and I yelp. SWISH! SWISH! SWISH!....”oooowwww Please Sir stop” Crying out in pain.

“Would you like to leave?” you said calmly… I wait, thinking about the answer to that question. “No Sir, I am yours”

“Then you will take the rest of your punishment” SWISH! SWISH! I am shaking but trying to stay as still as possible… Then with all I have left I hold my breath and wait for it. What seems like forever minutes I can hear the belt through the air….SWISH!!! I scream out and crying.

You kneel down beside me and pick me up as you hold my trembling body up against yours. “You are my good girl, and I know you won’t disappoint me again”

“No Sir, I have learned my lesson”

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