Monday, August 30, 2010


This weekend in South Florida was raining and all around yucky. I didn’t do much…got some shopping done and cleaned the house. Kinda borded. Did any of you have a great sexual expirence? I did not so I need to live though you...Please tell

I was driving to work today when I saw a truck that said Swallowing Diagnostics. They will come to you if you have a swallowing disorder. I don’t know about you but I found that to sound very funny. Do any of your women out there have swallowing difficulties? LOL

I did think about the task I had done for Tom on Friday…It was a lot of fun and I think I will do it again in the weeks to come. Will any of you do the same and write about it on your blogs...this could be a lot of fun and drive each other crazy. Come on..What do you say?


  1. Last night after driving two hours, I told my wife I wanted her to wear her fancy crotchless panties. I took out the handcuffs and cuffed her to a bedpost in such a way that her arms were lifted up off the bed. First I had her on her stomach, and paddled her ass with my hand for a while, showing her little affection. Then I rolled her over and slid my hard cock up inside her soaking pussy. she always gets so wet when I cuff her and spank her ass. I pushed my cock all the way inside, then began thrusting up inside her over and over. I lightly slapped her tits as I continued to fuck her soaking vagina with my erect cock. I kept thrusting deep inside her until she had a wild orgasm, which pushed me over the edge and I shot several loads of hot sum deep inside her waiting pussy.

    Now take that and go into the bathroom and play!

    By the way, lizard does not like to maybe I'll call, did you get their number?

  2. That is a hot story Tom...Lovin it, thanks for sharing