Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Storm Sex?

Have you ever wanted to make love during a storm? I don’t mean a little rain but a huge storm like a hurricane or when a tornado is near? I don’t know what it is about thunder and lightening and the sounds of the wind whistling…it is an incredible energy charged feeling of hornyness that over takes my body. In South Florida we are used to these kind of events but it never gets old for me.

A few years ago I went down to the beach as an approaching hurricane was coming ashore. It was breathtaking...the furry of the waves coming ashore and over the sea wall. The streets were starting to flood and yet all the bars were still open. LOL The dark skies above, the clouds spinning over head, lightning flashing. There was an eery silence except for the crashing of the waves.

It was dangerous, captivating, exciting, sexy, and so surreal. All your senses tell you to flee but your mind cant stop to admire mother nature.


  1. ahhh I remember a rainy Monday not so long ago

  2. hmm how can you not know me how about cotton know him?