Thursday, November 19, 2009

8 Orgasms

Last night I met up with Master C. He has a vacant apartment so we went there for a bit of a quickie. There is nothing in the apartment…just a floor and an open window. Master always gives me orders before we even meet and this time was no different. He wanted me to take off his pants and get on my knees. We started off with me giving him oral sex. After that he had me stand up and take down (not off) my pants and panties and had me turn around and hold on to the window sill. He is so wonderful… within a minute he had me cuming as he was fucking me. Then he moved to my ass. I had not had anal sex in quite some time and I didn’t think his cock would go in. But he forced himself and it hurt like hell but once in he had me cuming two more times. The O’s would not stop. He fucked me on the floor missionary, doggie style, then oral to him, and missionary again. Master C is an animal. His shows his age by the experience he has.

In the end he was on the floor and I jerked him off until he cam. I took it all in my mouth and swallowed. I am really starting to enjoy taking his gift in this way. Thank you Master for the 8 orgasms you had given me.


  1. He is very good to you. And you're certainly a good pet.

  2. Thank you doll . . and I just read your latest. Master C is fortunate . . and the blog just confirms you are a 'good girl' as described on your home page. Give me more!