Monday, November 16, 2009

The Movies

It was 12:00 and we walked into the almost empty movie theater. We headed up to the last row and took our seats. We are there to see Paranormal. And yes, movies like this freak me out. Anyway, the previews started and Master C was already down my pants. Playing with my clit and sticking his fingers deep inside me. I was already wet and so horny. It had been a week since we were last together. He backed off a little when the movie started giving me time to play with him. I reached over and started to play with his cock. I can tell he had been horny as well. I started off slow but before I made him cum he started on me…Making me cum by playing with my clit. My breath is short and getting louder but I try to stay quite so we are not noticed. And he did it. He made me have my big O. It was incredible. By this time I am moving my hand faster on his cock. I can hear low moans coming from him and then he erupts. So I bent over him and started to suck. I wanted him to be proud of me for swallowing without being asked or forced. I did this for him. He gave me his gift and I took it from him.

The movie was about ½ way over so we watched it together and I lightly played with his cock. It was the most arousing movie I had ever gone to ;-)

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