Friday, November 13, 2009

A Walk In The Park... Boston

Last night was cold and wet so my Master and I did not get together. It was disappointing but the promise that I will see him this weekend brings me hope.... I was looking through some old files and came across this story of my first real love. He wrote this story shortly after this event happened. It was several years ago now but I have always treasured it. And it reminds me of what last night should have been. This story takes place in the fall in Boston.... 

The evening had come to pass after a long joyful day of love making. We had teased each other from afar for so long, with late night phone conversations that continued into the dawn. The shyness that new lovers fell was absent from our first encounter. There was a feeling of familiarity about her, but the total excitement of the first sex was fully present as we dove into the soft linen sheets.

As we strolled through the park, I was startled at how beautiful she was against the autumn dusk, with her hair reflecting the color of the changing season. I could feel my life changing with the season, and I knew I would never feel the same again about myself or the world. This girl was special, maybe too special for me, a lost wretched soul.

We stopped in front of a group playing pickup basketball. In the dim light, we could see the peasant folk walking their dogs for the night and enjoying the few remaining pleasant nights before the scourge of winter.

She abruptly stopped and took my hand in hers. I could feel her life beating through her veins faster and faster as our lips touched. I remember feeling her hands on my body, working down my back gently measuring every inch like she was drawing a map to my heart.

I looked into her eyes and I could see the vastness of her soul through those eyes, stretching out like some undiscovered land. I wonder if anyone had ever explored her soul and what they found, what would I find if I dared to enter.

She sat down on the bench and looked up at me with a sinful grin. She pulled out my cock and looking around to see that people were watching, she took it into warm, wet mouth. My cock immediately came to life and seemed to grow larger with each breath.

I could hear her breathing becoming deeper and faster as she licked my swollen head. The basketball players were now stopped and watching intently as she moved her tongue around my balls.

A pair of well-dressed dog-walkers, were now stopped 10 feet from us with their mouth's wide open, as I shot a huge load into her inviting mouth. She continued her soft sucking until I was soft.

She looked up at me and laughed and began to playfully run away. I caught up to her, wrapped her in my arms and whispered into her ear… "I think I have always loved you".

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