Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pain Sluts

Pain Sluts…This is a term I have heard about since I started with this D/s lifestyle. My guess is that this means there are woman out there who enjoy pain and torture. This is a hard thing for me to understand. I do like pain but not in the extreme. Now being a sub I know pain comes with the territory and I do not use safe words. And I will accept punishment when my Master thinks it is deserved. But I do not enjoy pain being inflicted on me as a way of having fun.

But I do enjoy being my Master’s little slave, to do as I have been told and to please him in any way possible. I know that he is not pleased with me at times because of my situation at home (this I posted about last week) but I want him to know that if I could change things right now, I would. For I adore you very much.


  1. This was written in an email to me that I would loke to share

    I like the way you describe 'submissive' . . . it is great insight that you understand there must be a willingness and desire to kneel or fulfill the pleasures of a master, without having to be asked or chided. I have a friendship with someone who loves being dominated in bed and being forcefully controlled . . gets me excited, she explodes in her orgasms but as that subsides, she slides back out of her submissive slut mode. I can only wish that it would show the opportunity of expanding . . . for my love of facial/PSE type endings to oral, to my adoration of her ass and her telling me how great it feels to have my tongue explore her there. I find great excitement in exploring a clean, healthy body.

    Also, your commentary on pain is something so misunderstood. I enjoy providing girls with a painful 'smack' on the ass (I know they enjoy it) . . and have encouraged a girl or two to do the same, all in the name of sexual excitement. But to appreciate pain for other reasons, whether giving it or receiving, is something I can't understand.

    - Mike

  2. Pain play: Anything that causes physical pain causes the body to release endorphins (the body's natural pain-killer)-- the same stuff that floods your system and gives you that floating and light headed feeling when you orgasm. By inflicting pain, your top can build up the endorphins until you reach so-called "sub space." That is the same kind of transition that long-distance runners have when they break through the "wall" before being able to complete a marathon. At that point, you are beyond feeling the pain. Athletes and dancers have learned to "control" pain mentally -- they continue to perform when their feet are bleeding, muscles cramping, extremities freezing, etc. by concentrating on their goal. You can learn to do this. If your Top puts a nipple clamp on and tightens it half way. you will feel pain. If you then breath deeply to speed the endorphin distribution, and wait a little bit, you will notice the pain subside as though you willed it to. At that point, an observant Top will tighten the clamp further. This repetitive sequence will gradually train you to a higher pain threshold. And that will allow your Top to cane you even harder, for example, thus driving more endorphins into your system. That at is the experience that "pain sluts" grow to crave, the pain followed by the transition to bliss. And it allow the top's symbiotic sadism more range. Think of the feeling when you hit your funny bone. It's unbearable, and takes your entire focus. But in maybe 15 seconds.. its just annoying! In using pain for punishment, the skilled top will know how to keep you feeling the pain. An example is having you count out loud, and thank your top, each hit of the hand, flogger, crop, cane, etc. rather than letting you focus deep into the rising endorphin haze.