Monday, November 9, 2009

He's Home!

I had not had an O in 2 weeks. I was horny and needed it bad. My Master just got back from a long business trip and I met him at noon in a vacant apartment that he owns. I know I was there for him. To make him happy and satisfied but I could not wait to see him.

Earlier in the week I got myself into a bit a trouble and I knew once I saw him I would have to take my punishment with his belt. Thankfully, he was as horny as I was and I stripped naked then I stripped him. For the time being my punishment was forgotten about.

We were having a good time…We were on the floor, I was mostly on top and he was controlling my O’s. It was a little frustrating to me, but after a while it was a great feeling. I cam several times and each time was greater then the last.

Then came the finale… he gave me a piece of him. He filled me up, gave me a kiss…then it was time to go.

Thank you My Master for your gift.

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