Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thought For the Day : To Sir With Love

I'm thankful for all that you have taught me,Sir.


  1. To all of her followers this is her Master. I would like u to email or post here what you think of what she did to me on Tuesday night. We had planned to meet . I was finally going to give her her punishment and decided from her actions that morning she was going to get 10 more.This time though they were going to hurt ...alot... it was time to show her how wrong she had been, I even had my 40 year old
    fraternity paddle out and ready. First, TELLING, me the time i arranged was bad for her she TOLD me SHE couldnt be there at that time.. Because i wanted her very badly and needed to correct her very hard i gave her some more time to accomplish what she wanted to do at home. Then the time comes and she calls and says she cant make it...Granted things come up but this reason was not acceptable,and she will tell you all what it was...So i was on a plane to LA at 5 am Wed, and she and i have not been together in awhile...So group what should i do....beat her? ignore her? leave her? or just fuck her brains out when I get back and forgive?
    That would be the hardest.Up to you all let me know. she has 32 coming to her and i told her ten will be very very hard and will definatley leave marks.i want her to cry just a little ...
    Guess it is the old nasty SEAL in me coming to the surface again, I do adore her but something must be done,,,help me folks

  2. not sure if you all will read this but i'm going to leave a post anyway if it was me and she was my sub i would give her the 32 hard swats then i would make stand in a corner for a while to think about what she has done