Monday, October 18, 2010

Do You Know How to Make Love to Me

I open my eyes and look up at you, there, above me. Your eyes smile at me. I see the love, lust and desire in them. My heart aches and I reach my hands up around your neck and pull you to me. Lips brush softly over lips. My tongue darts out and licks you. A soft groan escapes from deep inside you. So sensual. I pull you closer and kiss deeper. My tongue pushing past your lips, touching yours. I feel your body melt into mine. Suddenly your grab my head and kiss me deeper, lust overwhelming you. My body reacts instantly, I feel the warm tingle of arousal flush through my body. I want you. My hands roam down your back, pulling you tighter to me. I let them tuck under your shirt, feeling your warm skin. You're kissing me greedily now, hungrily as I kiss you back. Your breathing is quicker and I can feel your growing erection pressing hard against me. You want me too...

This is how I want to feel…How I want my man to feel about me. Do you remember when the last time you just made out and you are so turned on my the touching and emotions that you think your going to burst? When I think of the man I want to be with, I hope that it feels like this and feels like the other stories I post. Full of passion, lust, joy, and love. It is not really even about the sex for me (not all the time) But what leads up to the love making. So much depends on how I am treated (I am sure that is how it is for most women) I love the teasing, and the seduction that plays into my strong sexual emotions. Is it possible to find men like this anymore?  

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  1. I'm just like that. I still love to make out with my wife. There are still men like me out there, just keep looking and you'll find them.