Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fantasy Ideas

A follower asked me…”What if I took you to a fetish party or swing club blindfolded? Have complete strangers touch you? How would you feel?”

I have never been one to want to be in a multi sex partner position at one time…but the thought of others touching me, unable to see them, their breath teasing every inch of my body as they come close is such a huge turn on for me. To not have that control of what happens. I can feel myself getting wet thinking about this venture. I think this is going to be my next fantasy.

Tell me what your fantasy is for yourself or your sub. Give me some new ideas. I’m loving it…


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  2. The only light in the room is from a few candles burning. There is some quiet music playing in the background. I tie you up to a four poster bed, on your back, totally naked. Your pussy is entirely exposed, you are completely vulnerable. I put a blindfold on you.

    I am wearing loud shoes, and I purposefully walk out of the room loud enough for you to hear me. You are left alone like that for a couple of minutes. Wondering what is coming next. Where did I go? To retrieve a whip? Did I leave you here altogether? After all, you hardly know me.

    Then you hear footsteps coming back into the room. They sound lighter than mine, but you are not sure. Is it me?

    You feel a hand on your thigh. It is soft, wearing a glove. The hand feels like it might be smaller than mine, but again you are not sure. Is it a woman's hand? You can smell perfume.

    The hand slowly slides up your thigh toward your pussy, then works its way up the other thigh, gently touching the flesh on your legs, and working ever so slowly toward your wet pink hole. You are so wet, you are a little scared, you have never been with a woman before and you're not sure if you are with one now!

    Then suddenly a SLAP! on the inner thigh, next to your pussy, fairly hard. Another smack on the other side. The hand reaches over and covers your pussy, massages it gently. And then a brisk SLAP! on your pussy! There is no glove on it now, and you are trying desperately to feel if it is a man or a woman, but you just can't tell. And now a finger slides slowly into your wet pussy, feeling around inside your beautiful hole. The finger goes to your mouth, pushes between your lips and you lick it off. The fingernail is cut short, like a man's hand, but again you still can't tell.

    Next you feel a warm breath on your pussy, and can barely feel lips touching it. A tongue flickers out and licks you gently. You want to feel cock, but you are not even sure if this is a man or a woman touching you. The tongue licks you all along your pussy crack, once, then again, then begins to flicker up and down your clitoris, gently, the way a woman might lick you. And then just as you begin to feel a wave of warmth, it suddenly stops.

    And then the footsteps leave the room. You wait another few minutes until you hear more footsteps approaching. I take off the blindfold and we kiss passionately. You cannot taste the smell of pussy on my lips at all, but I do smell a little like perfume. And you have no idea if it was me the first time or not...

    To be continued, if you wish..

  3. Oh yeah...dont stop. Very erotic