Friday, October 1, 2010


Dear Friends,

Well… it has been one year ago today that I started on this incredible journey into D/s and when I started this blog. It has been a lot of fun and I have learned so much. Like anything else worth writing about there have been ups and downs along the way. My relationships with Master C and Sir didn’t turn out like I wanted but I give them great thanks for taking me under their wings and letting me explore my desires and fantasies along with showing me discipline, courage and respect for the lifestyle.

I have met so many wonderful people though this blog and others that I read, men and women. I would like to thank Rob for the concert tickets and for all the advice and love that he has shown me, Dave for the apple trees he planted in my honor, DV for your insightfulness, Tom for the fun assignment, Bob for being a friend, Master C for the love that I felt, Sir for the kinky fun, John for being such a good friend and concert / movie buddy, Mike for your imagination, Rob in N. Florida for your wild stories, and to Baby Girl who let me read about her love for Daddy, Heather for her incredible journey into D/s, and Kara and Jessica who’s love for each other sound perfect, and to Fish who is a lot of fun and who I have enjoyed meeting. I would also like to thank Vicki and Master J…I know feelings have been hurt and I’m sorry for not being able to work those issues out with you but hope in time things will change.

I know I have left so many people out but I thank everyone who has stopped by my blog just to see what I am up to and enjoy reading my fantasies. All of you and the freedom of writing have truly changed my life and I have cherished every moment.

Love you all,

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