Monday, October 25, 2010

Take Me

Can you see how much I want you?

It takes all that I have to control myself around you.
Just the scent of you arouses me.
I want you.
I need you.
Fuck me.
Please fuck me.
Please don’t wait for me to ask.
If you want me, take me.
I always want you.
I want you all over me.
I want your hands, your lips, your body, on mine.
Fuck me.
Use me.
Take me for your own pleasure.

Look - I’m wet, now.
Can you see how wet I am?
You did that.
I want you to force yourself inside me.
I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard.
Kiss me.
Get astride me and kiss me greedily.
You know that’s what I want.
I need you.
I want to rub myself against you.
Let me feel my wet pussy slide against your hard cock.
Kiss me hard.
Show me what a man you are
Show me how much you want me.
Bite my neck.
Make me groan.
I love that.
Take me.
Fuck me.
ohh god please fuck me...


  1. Very Well Written!!!


  2. Words/scenario I would long to hear . . to tease you, prolonging the 'torture' of your lust, getting you ever wetter . . ready to cum at the first instant my hands slid into your panties. Your imagination amazes me . .