Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mini Vacation

I love to see my kids happy and excited…So, 5:45am I wake them up, load the car, hop in with a donut in hand and 1 ½ hours later we were stuck in the middle of nowhere for the next 7 hours. My car broke down. Luckily, I was in the turning lane of the service plaza when all the alarms and lights went off in the car. After an hour of trying to find someone at the plaza to help, a tow tuck guy pulled up.…I had lost my belt. All he could do was tow me and if he drove me 41 miles to the nearest exit the cost would be around $300, he gave me the number to a friend of his who would come out to me and fix the belt. So this super nice mechanic drove 45 miles to install the belt only to find out the water pump was destroyed. So he had to drive back 45 miles to get the part…anyway, 7 hours later the car was fixed…I was $400 in the hole, and the poor kids were upset about not being able to go to SeaWorld.

So I decided that I would drive to Orlando and spend an extra day. The kids were so excited and my 5 year old son was in amazement the entire time. We got to see the new baby killer whale that had only been born 12 hours earlier. They got to trick or treat around the park and had a blast at the water park.

I think I had to pay an addional $650 (a lot of money to me) on this trip but to see my kids, especially my little one, have such a great time was worth every moment of heartache. I am already planning my next trip to the mountains this summer.

FYI… John, my ex had surgery last night to remove the tumor that has been growing…He did well and had stayed with me last night so I can help him out. Hopefully after the radiation treatment and this surgery will be the end of all this. Unfortunately, my mind has not been in an erotic mood lately. I will try to pull something out if my imagination tonight.

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