Friday, October 8, 2010

The Weekend

ITS FRIIIIIIDAY!!! This weekend should be a fun one for me. I am taking the kids to SeaWorld & Aquatica in Orlando. They are so excited. They do a Halloween event for smaller children and my son is so excited to be dressed as Harry Potter and get to trick or treat around the park.

We always have a lot of fun at the theme parks but it always makes me wish I had someone to share my memories with. Remember the post where I said I have not been on vacation with a man in more then 10 years? Well, here is another one. Lol…. I will just keep count and someday hopefully really laugh about my unlucky situation.

But I am thankful for being able to bring the kids to this special place. I love watching them discover new things, especially my 5 year old son. They always look so happy and that just thrills me. I love them so much and would give them the world if I could.

So any donations to their schooling or dance my daughter’s dance classes would be appreciated. LOL…just kidding :-)

You all have a wonder weekend yourself. Kisses


  1. That will be a blast! They will have a great time. I love Sea World. Every time I travel to a city that has one, I go visit. Even if I've been there before. Orlando...San Diego...San them all. You all have a great time and take lots of pictures to remember it all by later. They grow up fast!

  2. Sounds like you're going to have such a fun time!! I haven't been to Sea World in over 10 years. Since my family that live in Fl is just outside of Tampa we always end up at Busch Gardens. Though I do love those Gulf beaches :)
    Have fun............Kara XOXO


  4. And remember, October is Cock Sucking Month!!!