Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5 Reasons How I Want You To Use Me

1. I want to feel your total control. I want to stand before you and to submit to your every demand.

2. I want to feel your domance. I want to know that the only choice I have is to be with you. All else is your demands.

3. I want your discipline. I want to know that there is structure and you enforce it with love.

4. I want you to treat my body with appreciation and to use it as you see fit.

5. I would love to go out with you and for us to be in a D/s role. Maybe go to a swing party or club. And for me to be your pain / cum slut.

Just some simple thoughts that I am having today.


  1. Hey, what a coincidence! That is exactly what I need someone to be for me! LOL! Seriously though, I do understand your need, and hope you are able to have all your needs met soon.


  2. Five needs...replaces Maslow's hierarchy of needs.