Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Wild Ride

Well it has been 6 months since Master C and I met. It has been quite a ride. I was new to this scene and really didn’t know what to expect. Could mental and physical pain really turn me on? Being forced to do something that I would never consider myself doing outside my fantasies? To be someone’s true sub. There was only one way to find out, to just jump in head first.

The first time I met Master C was in my office. Thank goodness I work for a small company and everyone was out for the day so I was alone. I am not the type of person who would have a one night stand but when Master C walked in….I think I was undressed in a matter of minutes. It was great sex, great orgasms, a great thrill. It was total mental domination. He made me wet from the start. I couldn’t even thing about how crazy this was.

The first time I was given pain by Master C was nerve raking. He had warned me it was going to happen. That if I was a true submissive I will be turned on by it. I realize now that the pain I received that day was nothing like I experience now but at the time I was very sensitive and any slap or pinch or restraints were painful. But Master C made sure I was able to handle anything he was giving me. He would check my pussy and I would be dripping in wetness. All I wanted to do was to feel him penetrate me. The true submissive came out in me.

I work real hard at making sure my Master’s needs are met. It has been quite a learning curve and I have been punished many times. And in the end I find myself wanting to please him. I want to feel his acceptance of me. To know I am his sub and to know he wants to own me.

I still have internal struggles about D/s but I have learned to trust my beliefs and to do what I think feels right.

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