Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Over the Weekend

Happy Tuesday morning… I had a busy this weekend. Yesterday, my daughter’s dance studio put on a dress rehearsal for their big end of the year show. Well, this is also one of the biggest fundraisers of the year to send the competition dance team to Nationals in Orlando. So I was in charge of feeding 300 kids and their parents. So it was a weekend of preparation. Long hours of cooking, running around, organizing…but in the end it all went well and we are a little closer to our goal.

As for sex this weekend…it was non existent. I am sexually frustrated. I figured after my horny post last week that Master C would have come right over and would want me to serve him. But he was working all weekend and was not able to come over. So here I sit…frustrated and wet with passion, waiting for release, hoping to serve.

Tonight is Deadliest Catch night. I hope by seeing all my favorite men working hard will help me to think about their well being other then my sexual pint up frustration.

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