Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An Evening of Sex

I got the text “I’m on my way over” So I rush up stairs and get all the items he requires I have for him. A damp cloth for cleaning, lube, paddles, rope, spreader bar all within reach. We do not always use these items but he wants them close just in case. Then dressed in something sexy with no panties on I wait for him to walk through the door.

I greet him with a hug and kiss. He needed to get right down to it so he walked me to the bedroom. He had been working all day and wanted to lay there and be satisfied by my mouth and hands. I do this. He is hard and ready for me to climb on top of him. He wants me to cum over and over again and this is a feat I have no trouble with when I am with Master C.

I was on top, bent backwards, him on top, cradled behind me, more oral, a double hand job, ass play…you name it. I loved it.

The thing about great sex is waking up the next day feeling refreshed.


  1. Oh I'm so jealous!! I won't get to be with my Master for another 3 weeks!!! (I'm moving in with him but we're currently about 700 miles from each other) Glad to hear you had fun and you're right the best thing about sex is that you can literally fuck your frustrations out and start anew the next day. Ahhhhhh...

  2. Wow Ariia, 700 miles is far. I wish you the best with your move.