Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crazy Fantasies

Sometimes when you are home alone for long periods of time you end up fantasizing about living a life that is so unlike you. At least this is the way I see myself. Last night I was dreaming of taking a trip to Vegas. I had a layover in Dallas and when I caught my connection flight I sat next to a very handsome, older man. We talked a bit when he placed his hind on my leg. Feeling a little nervous about this, I continued to let him move his way up my leg and between my thighs. I was wearing a short skirt so before I knew it his fingers were caressing my clit. Wet and horny I placed my hand over his and pressed him into my drowning pussy. He fingered me for most of the flight… What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!

Sitting at the bar quietly listening to some live jazz music. A woman approaches me. Makes small talk. She is tall and attractive. I have never been with a woman but I can see myself possibly being take by her. Then a gentleman walks up to the bar and stands right beside me. He bends down as whispers in my ear, choose who you want to be with... Impossible decisions!!

It’s early morning and he get up and starts the shower. With glass shower doors showing off his naked body, I can’t help myself but to join him. I love to wash his hair, soap him down, and after I make sure he is clean all over I show him my oral skills... Love shower oral sex!!

I know these fantasies are all over the place. I am not sure what it is that turns me on about them. The first 2 fantasies I would never see myself doing but I find myself getting turned on by near thought of experiencing these acts. Do you have an off the wall fantasy? I would love to hear about them.


  1. Aren't fantasies wonderful?!?! the good part about them is you can do and be whatever you want. Especially things like the ones you mentioned you would never do in real life. How fun fantasy can be! :)


  2. fantasies are wonderful they are even better if they come true. i hope yours come true and i hope to one day make mine come true have a great day.

  3. Thank you DV and Bob...I know your fantasies must be truly great.

  4. I'm with DV on this one! :) Fantasies are a beautiful thing...and I love sharing them! Although there are always a few that I like to keep to myself, my little secrets. I would never act on these, but it's nice to have them in mind when I'm feeling particularly naughty! :)

    Take care and thanks for sharing!
    Baby Girl :)

  5. My fantasy, which I have shared with my wife, is to see her with another woman. No, I don't want a threesome, I just want to see her sucked and licked and kissed by another woman. When my wife was at the hospital to get her knee surgery, a female tech had to put those EKG leads all over her chest, and as I was watching her place her hands near my lizard's awesome breasts, I started to get hard. Same when she pulled them off, her delicate hands moving between my wife's breasts. It was sexy. My wife does not share my interest, though, but does not express any disappointment in my fantasy wither.

  6. I love this comment Tom. To know that my man was so interested in me sexualy even when not in a sexy situation.