Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Office

Your fingertips startled me when I felt them trail down my spine. I hadn't heard you come into the office. I had been leaning over my desk concentrating hard on my work at hand. Of course, I don't mind the intrusion. I especially never mind an intrusion from you. You murmur hello and kiss me gently on the cheek, your hand still rubbing up and down on my back. You are close behind me now and I can feel your hard cock through your pants pressing against my bottom. You tell me you were thinking about me. I move back into you slightly, grinding my hips as I do. You push back, pressing your cock harder into me. "What were you thinking?" I ask. "That you needed a break," you said. "Mmm, do I ever," I reply. I begin to turn around but you firmly but gently hold me where I am. "No," you say, "stay right here. Don't move. Don't lift your hands off the desk." I hearing jingling as you pull some change out of your pocket. You place a coin on the top of each hand. "These are to stay on your hands. Don't let them fall off." I groan with pleasure from the implication behind your words. "Ok," I whisper. Your hands move back to massaging my back. Then move down to my bottom, rubbing it, feeling it. I love your hands. You kneel down behind me and slowly push my skirt up. I can feel your hot breath on the back of my thighs. A shiver runs through me when I feel your hot wet tongue lick my thigh. Groaning, I shift my legs apart for you. My panties are now fully exposed and your hands are roaming over the soft silk. I feel your fingers move up my slit, my panties are already soaking wet. Your tongue licks across my hip, swirling gently down to the inside of my thighs. I feel a fingertip hook my panties and pull them off to one side. I tense with anticipation. I need you so much, gasping as I feel the intrusion of your tongue on my pussy. You are lapping at me, tasting me, tasting my wetness. I shudder and spread my legs wider. Your tongue moves it's way up to my clit and skids across it. Oh god, my legs shake. It's there now, You send electricity through me. Your fingers have moved to my pussy, slowly pushing inside me, rubbing, stroking. The feeling is overwhelming. I need to have all of you.
 "Please," I beg, "please fuck me. I need you feel your cock inside me. Please." I feel you groan as I say these words. "Fuck me," I say more forcefully. "Please." You stand up and roughly pull down my panties. I can hear your ragged breath. Suddenly your hard cock is in between my thighs, rubbing the length of my slit, letting my juices get you wet. My legs are so weak. You lean over me, hands undoing the buttons on my blouse. Your hands reach inside and cup my breasts inside my bra. Your rubbing my nipples, pinching them between your fingers. I groan loudly, my pussy is on fire. "Please," I whisper again. You pull back slightly, then with one fast move, push your cock all the way inside me. Oh god! You begin stroking in and out of me, urgently. Your hands on my breasts, on my clit. I'm in heaven. You're pumping into me, so deep, so good. A coin fell off my hand… You stop and pull yourself out of me. You come around to my side and place the coin back on the top of my hand. "I told you these were not to fall off," you say gently. I whimper a bit, more from your sudden departure than anything else. "You're a bad girl," you say. "For that, you'll have to do without me until I know you're sorry." You start to masturbate in front of me. "Watch me," you say. I can't take my eyes off your hand stroking your cock. I need your cock back inside me. I watch your hand moving up and down your hard shaft. Watching you cup your balls. I lick my lips. I need you. Your eyes never leave mine, boring into me with desire. Your hand picks up speed, rubbing yourself, giving yourself pleasure. "Please," I say again. "You want me?" you ask. "Yes," I whisper. You move forward to stand next to my head. You gently put your fingers in my hair and guide my head down to your cock. I take you in my mouth. I can taste both of us on you. I moan. My tongue swirling around your head. You push my head down further so that I can take you all the way in my mouth. Rhythmically you gently push my head up and down on your cock, fucking my mouth. Your fingers are tangled in my hair. I hear you moan softly and whisper my name. I know you are getting close. I continue to suck you. You moan louder and pull yourself from my mouth. You position yourself behind me again and slam your cock into me. I cry out, "Yes, fuck me." You comply and reach your hand around to my throbbing clit. I am so aroused. Your hard cock slamming into me and your fingers on my clit pushes me to the edge. I see lightning flash in my eyes as I start to cum, white hot light screams through me. I grind my hips into you feeling you fuck me faster. I cry out again, cumming all over you. That's what you needed. You grab my hips and roughly pound into me, your own climax coming. You groan loudly as your shoot your hot spunk into me. Pulsing and rocking into me. My pussy clenching you. You lean forward and kiss my back, your hands move up to cup my breasts again. Your forehead rests against my back and we both try and catch our breath. "Now, back to work”


  1. wow very hot you really need it bad dam .

  2. Whew...I need a tall drink and some Hitachi time after that one, Carrie! :) Nice!!!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  3. My imagination is running wild...Thanks for the read