Friday, May 28, 2010

The Marina

I wrote this story a long time ago when I was visiting Boston. I thought I would share with you although it is pretty vanilla in comparison to my other stories.

It's cold and dark. We are standing on the dock outside the restaurant, gazing across the marina, the wind is blowing. I have only a thin sweater on. My nipples are hard. You stand behind me, your arms around me, you are kissing my cheek, and your hands are roaming inside my sweater. Further up, your fingers reach my breasts, and come in contact with my perky nipples. I feel your hardness growing in your jeans, pressing into my bottom. There is another couple a few yards away, watching you fondle my large, firm tits. They smile and turn away, giving us privacy. I turn around and kiss you on the lips. "I want you, now" I whisper. A grin passes over your face. You have an idea. You have the combination to a friend's yacht. You grab a flashlight from the glove box and then we head down the ramp to the dock. You stop by a large sailboat, must be 50 feet, beautiful wood trim. We climb on board. There are no lights, the hatches are closed. I hold the flashlight, you undo the padlock. The hatch opens and we climb down the companionway. It's dark in the cabin. It is stuffy, smells a bit damp. You lead me through a door into the cabin. It has large galleon-style windows in the stern, and the moonlight is streaming in. You take me in your arms and kiss me. I'm impatient to fuck. I start unbuttoning your shirt, pulling it off, running my hands across your well defined, muscular torso. I undo your belt, and pull your jeans down. You are wearing boxers, and there is a tent pole sticking out, so I know you want it as much as I do. I slide my hand inside, feeling your hardness, fondling your balls. I pull down your shorts with my other hand, exposing your cock in the moonlight. I push you backwards onto the berth. It's high off the floor, ideal for me to take your cock in my mouth. So I do. You have a nice size cock, thick, circumcised. I slowly take it in my mouth, little by little till my lips are buried in your pubic hair. Slowly I withdraw, then once more envelop your hardness in my greedy mouth. You groan as my tongue dances along your shaft. My hand fondles your balls gently. Your hands gently run through my hair as I suck you, I know you want to fuck my face hard but you are such a gentleman, you restrain yourself. "Come up here", you ask. I hop up on the berth and kiss you. You grab my sweater and pull it over my head. I am braless, my nipples are hard, you caress my breasts, taking a nipple in your mouth. I am impatient and undo my jeans. You look admiringly at my naked body in the moonlight. You bury your face in my crotch, and with your teeth, you manage to remove my thong, exposing my pussy. I shaved just for you, but left some hair above my slit. You spread my legs and dive in, I am very wet, your tongue snakes across my clit, opening my lips and sliding inside me. I moan appreciatively, pushing my pussy into your face. You are good, your tongue gets all the right spaces, and soon I am squirming and moaning, I am so excited that I am ready to come right away. Oooooohhhhh....
Yes, I am coming, don't stop, please, bite my clit, keep doing it... I feel your fingers sliding inside me, it feels good, then you pull out and apply pressure to my anus, continuing to lick me, it feels so good. As you coat my anus with my juices, you suck my clit into your mouth, then your finger invades my asshole and I come again, suddenly. "Fuck me now, I need you inside me, please..." You slide off the berth and pull me to you, my ass is on the edge of the berth and you are able to enter me at just the right height... Holding my hips firmly, your cock enters my pussy and you start to fuck me hard. It feels so good... You are so hard... Your balls slapping against my ass as you pound my pussy. I feel the boat rocking with the motion. I start to rub my clit as you fuck me, and soon I am coming again. You lean over and kiss me. "Come up on the bed beside me, please" I say. You have not come yet, I want to give you a treat. "Please fuck me in the ass. I turn on my side, you lay behind me. "I have some lube in my purse, hold on..." I reach for my purse and find the small tube of lube that I carry for such occasions... You take it and squirt some on your fingers and begin to massage my asshole with it. First one finger pushes against my hole, sliding inside me. Then I feel two fingers inside me. It feels so good. "I 'm ready, I want your cock, now!" I feel your hardness at my rear opening, pushing gently. Initially my ass rejects the intrusion, then opens up to allow your cock to slide in. Slowly you enter me. I feel as inch my inch your cock passes through the tight muscle. It hurts a bit, your cock is thick. "OK, I'm OK, fuck me please". You start to fuck me, it's better now, it feels good, I can take it. I roll over onto my stomach, so you can give it to me hard. I feel your cock hit bottom, your big balls now slapping my pussy. I like the feeling as your cock invades my ass, stretching me. Your pace is harder now, you are breathing hard, fucking my ass. My arm is underneath me, I have my fingers rubbing my pussy, sliding inside me, I feel your cock just a fraction of an inch away inside my rectum. Now you are ready to come, I can feel you. Come on now, I am going to cum with you, please spurt your hot cum inside me, I want it, do it, fuck my ass hard!" You oblige, I feel you spurt inside me as my pussy starts to spasm. You are still pounding inside my ass, and I'm coming hard, my thighs are trembling as a powerful orgasm washes through me.

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