Friday, May 21, 2010

Sad news

Well I guess it is time for me to break the news to the world. Earlier in the week Master C and I broke up. Or at least we are taking time apart from each other for a while. I am missing him but this is for the better. We had been seeing each other for almost 7 months but sometimes it takes time apart to realize what you are missing.

So for now I am single so wish me the best of luck. I hope I don’t feel lost without a Master there to guide me but I have not given up on finding that perfect Dom.

I have a big weekend planned with the kids so I will be keeping myself busy. I hope I am not bringing you all down by telling you my sad news. Have a great Friday!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear this. I wish you luck in your journey.

  2. Aw, I'm really sorry to hear about this. I know it must be so hard. But I'm sure you'll pull through. I hope you have a nice weekend with the kids. I'll be thinking about you and sending happy thoughts your way. *hugs*

  3. wow i am so sorry to hear about you and your master i hope everything works out for you and i hope you have a great weekend with your kids

  4. I'm am so sorry to hear this news, Carrie... :( Although, I feel that I should applaud you for being so optimistic and confident in your future journey! When you're ready, you will definitely find the right Dom for you, of that I am sure! I wish you all the best and hope that you continue blogging with your feelings and experiences!!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  5. Thank you all...I love that you are care so much about what happens in my life. I feel the same about all of you

    Baby Girl I just hope one day that I will find what you have with Daddy.

  6. Don't apologize for bringing people down. This community is here to help. A modern village. Though it seems like it would be hard to have to find a Dom, just because of all the creeps and posers out there, I'm sure with perseverance you will do it. Patience and perseverance. And perspective.

  7. sorry to hear about your break up hun i hope that everything will work out in the end be strong you will found the right dom

    your friend
    i now i haven't left comment for a while but i still read your blog

  8. Thank you Tom and Sean. Your comments mean a lot to me. Especally now that Master C hates my guts. He wont even talk with me. It is ashame because when I was with him I saw him as this perfact guy / Dom. I care for him very much and wish we could be friendly but he has made it clear that is not what he wants. :-(