Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Deadliest Catch

What were those Captains thinking by putting those kids in the water with a storm approaching? It was dangerous and stupid. I expected better from Sig and Phil, 2 experienced Captains…Now I know there are a lot of Captain Keith haters out there but if you ask me he is a great fisherman and a good guy. He filled his quota first and he reached out to John Hillstrand after John got into that fight with Keith on the first episode. Keith in my opinion is a stand up guy and was the bigger man in all this. Fuck John!!!

I know I sound crazy on Wednesday mornings talking about this show. It’s just that I am so passionate about it. Men risking their lives to make a living in conditions that most people couldn’t imagine. I love being a Catch fan and love to share my excitement about the show.

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