Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Thinking

What do submissive women look like? Despite the blogs I follow and the people I have spoken with online, I have never met one in person. I am the only submissive I know. Do submissive women look like the photos that I see? Because if men think that is what I look like they would be sadly mistaken. Now, I don’t think I am ugly nor do I think my body is that horrible but I do not look like one of those women in DV’s blog, Fantastic Ass Friday, for example.

I am just a plain girl, a family girl, a girl who loves to dress in comfortable clothing with a cool pair of sandals. I am quite, and have a caring demeanor about me. I love kids, animals, and a good book. I enjoy going to dinner or a movie. (OK, I enjoy doing anything outside sitting at home ) I live a pretty vanilla life but behind closed doors I love being my man’s submissive and sex slave. I want to be collard by him and be completely dominated. I want his love, his concern for me, his discipline.

I wonder just how many submissives are out there just like me and no one knows.


  1. Just for the record, I don't think anyone looks like the women in the pics I post. The same goes for magazines. No one looks like the women in magazines, even Cosmo, Elle, etc... They are all Photoshopped and airbrushed. Can you tell a submissive just by looking? I say no!


  2. Well DV....your pics are hot!!

  3. well just by looking at someone you cant tell if they are submissive and like d.v. said no one looks like the women in magazines.

  4. Half the photos on my blog are from magazine ads. I get my pictures via google images (and I claim fair use when it comes to copyright infringement. If it has an obvious water mark I don't use it) I agree with DV no one really looks like that. It's all airbrushing and being creative with lighting. (Friend of mine works for a publishing company, another friend of mine from college in a fashion model - she's pretty but she looks NOTHING like her own photos in magazines or ads it's all airbrushed. They even make her boobs way bigger than they naturally are in the retouching of photos)

    Anyway, I'm a mother, a sister, a daughter. I love reading and writing and can talk your ears off. I run, I swim, I golf. I have weight I'd like to lose and my hair color is somewhere between blond and light brown. I get my nails dirty when I garden and on weekends I'm covered in flour and sugar from whatever latest dish I'm baking. I think I look pretty average. I smile easily and laugh loudly. The only way you'd ever guess I was a sub is by my mannerisms around my Master. The way I look at him so adoringly, the way I quietly do as he asks no matter what and often the way I answer him with a "Yes sir" and a teasing glint to my eyes as I go on about my tasks. I don't think there is one specific way a submissive looks, but I DO think there is a special way someone totally in love looks. We glow. And it shows. People probably just think there's something different about me or that I'm obviously so in love, but I doubt anyone (be it BDSM or vanilla people) could just randomly guess I'm a slave from appearance only.

    But then I could be wrong.... lol

  5. is a fashion model* stupid typos! :P

  6. Hi ariia,

    Thank you for the comment. I imagin that most subs are like me (and like you) I just wish that the porn sites and photos would look a little more "normal" :-)

  7. @ Reina Did you hear about the new surgery for potential porn stars? It makes their vulva look "normal" Seriously, it's no longer enough to have breast implants they now want everyone's pussy to look "perfect". Bleh. Things like that make me shake my head.