Monday, May 24, 2010

A follower's story with me in mind

Sometimes I get emails from my followers that really get my attention. This is one of them. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I awoke this morning to the sound of someone downstairs . . making a pot of coffee? Then I smiled . . streeeeeched and rolled out of bed . . started the shower and stepped into the rather large terrazzo tiled shower to cleanse my body for her. It was not long when I felt someone wrap there arms around me from behind . . her lips on my warm, wet skin as her hands explored my abdomen and then my nipples (mmm!). She pulls herself tight to my wet body from behind and lets her hands slide down to my pelvis and my now hardening cock. I lean forward in the shower . . with water cascading off my shoulders I feel her kneel behind me as her lips begin tracing a path down my lower back . . her hands now on my smooth, boyish lil bubble butt (she tells me she LUVS it). I feel her hand go between my thighs to my smooth balls as she caresses them firmly . . then grasps my now fully hard 8c cock. Mmmmmmm! Her tongue is licking the water from my ass . . dipping lower as she spreads my cheeks and flirts with my tight lil ass! OMG . . my lil pet truly knows how to get me soooooo HARD! She plays there for a moment, all the while caressing my balls and cock . . then turns me . . places a hand on my stomach and proceeds to engulf my cock to show the true purpose of her mission. She continues to massage my balls as she works over my thick cock . . water cascading down our bodies as she moves her hand from my balls to my cheeky butt and PULLS me down her throat . . now there are VERY few women that have ever shown true DT skills, and my lil pet is truly an expert at this. I watch in lust as she withdraws, then slowly but very deliberately takes my cock the full length down her throat! I can't help but wonder if when I cumm (and Ooooh I WILL!) will she pull me DEEP and have me cumm down her throat . . or back off, open her mouth and stroke me off to her porn style expertise (LUV this!). I want to hold off and enjoy this scenario but her skills soon have me panting with lust . . Daddy wanting to see the satisfaction on her face as she drains me completely! I keep telling myself there will be time later to breed this lil pet . . till my cumm is dripping down the inside of her thighs! Luv that thought . . OMG it begins to send me over the edge . . so I hollar out, "cumm on baby! suck Daddy's cock good . . tell me you want my cummm!" She begs for me to cumm and soon enough I let loose with a torrent of cummm . . grabbing her head and choking her by thrusting my cock deep into her throat . . mindless of whether it is good for her or not! It is for ME!

It suddenly becomes apparant that we are still in the shower under a warm stream of water as my lust subsides . . and I look down to see my lil pet licking my still engorged cock with a devilish smile . . "oh Daddy, you came soooo hard . . I could hardly swallow it all!" Magic words for this sweet lil pets playful Daddy . . don't you just LUV a dedicated lil pet?

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  1. I luv the visual this erotic story puts in my mind and can only imagine having a dedicated lil 'pet' to look after my erotic desires! Mmmm