Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Does age play into the D/s lifestyle? It seems that a lot of women choose an older man to be her Dom. In my case I am 37 and Master C is 59. I love older men. I think it has to do with a certain level of success and that they know what they want in life and are living it. I love the dominance , love the experience, love the warmth and strength he gives off. Only age can provide these qualities.

Sometimes I get these little thoughts in my head and I just have to write them down. It is what I love about this blog. If I didn’t have this venue to write what I am thinking in the moment then I would have no one to discuss it with. Kinda sad I know… I want to welcome my new followers who came into the site yesterday. I love your comments and love your blogs. Thank you for sharing with me.

Now for my update on the Deadliest Catch. It is Wednesday and I just can not wait to discuss last night’s show with you. The premise of the show was about the 2 Jakes (greenhorns) switching boats. This is what I have to say about this…This was a great idea. I think they really could have made some great episodes about this. But knowing that Captain Phil dies in a couple of months, the show really put emphases on how much he loves his kids and how much he wants his son Jake to come back to his boat so he can spend more time with him. It takes out all the fun… Captain Phil used to be a hard ass to his kids and that is what made us love him so much.

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  1. Hi there! I would definitely say that, for many, age plays into the D/s lifestyle. The age difference between my Daddy/Master and me is similar to the difference between you and your Master. I've always dated older men (even when I had no idea that I was a submissive) and I'm convinced that it's because of the reasons that you cite - experience, dominance, warmth, strength, maturity...older men have got it all! Well, at least some of them do! :)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)