Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Deadliest Catch

OK OK OK…This has got to be the best show ever. Last night was gripping, edge of your seat, exploding event this year.

I know most of you know that Captain Phil died a couple of months ago so seeing him on the tv last night was a bit creepy.

In the first moments of the show there was a fight between Jonathan and Keith. Why does everyone hate Keith so much. I just don’t get it but it does make for good TV…And I do think Jonathan is a hot head and someone needs to put him in his place.

They traded the 2 Joshes… Captain Phil’s son Jake and Captain Sig’s Jake switched boats for the king crab season. To cocky boys are about to see what it is like to work for other people. This should be good for everyone involved.

Then at the end of the show there was a boat that went down. It took less the 5 minutes for the boat to sink but luckily all 4 men were able to get into a life raft before they froze or drowned.
Well, that is my update on the show. I sure hope all of you become as big as a fan as I am…Even if you think it is kind of nerdy. But how can you not love the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that these men go through.


  1. yeah it was an awsome show thanks for the update on the deadest catch

    your friend