Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Open Marriage

I already posted today and it is unlike me to post twice in one day but I got to thinking… Last night I was watching HOUSE and it was about a couple who had an open marriage. So this was my thoughts about the subject.

As a sub I know that is it my Master’s right to be with other woman if he chooses to do so. He has the right to make me be with other men or woman if he chooses. He has the right to have a threesome or foursome or how ever many people. I am not married but if I were I have to accept that these are the rules and I understand that this is what I would have signed up for.

Now ask me how I feel about that. I suppose if I was not involved (meaning it was not a threesome or if I was watching) then I would feel hurt. That I would wonder what I was not doing to keep him from straying. I think it is only a natural response. But in the end… I know what was expected of me and know the rules before we had headed down that road of marriage that I would understand his need for verity. And hope that the honesty would only make our bond stronger.

What do you think?


  1. Yeah, this is delicate territory... We dealt with this idea a little while ago and it took me some time to realize what was really bugging me about it. My Daddy/Master has the right to be with whomever he wants, whenever he wants. This really hurt me, until I realized that a) he would most likely never act upon this and b) even if he chooses to do so, this is what I have agreed to. As his submissive, slave, and partner, I must accept this as a possibility - he may take another partner or have me take another partner, although I am not allowed to take a partner of my own choosing.

    For some reason, knowing that I had absolutely no say in the matter and having a frank discussion with Daddy about our feelings about it made me feel better about the situation. If he were to take another partner, he would let me know what he was doing because his first priority is protecting me, his property. Knowing the rules and sharing complete honesty (as you have so aptly pointed out) are imperative.

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. This is something that has been the topic of many conversations between my Master/Daddy and I. You see, when I first met Him, before I became His, He was poly. And I was clearly not, lol and told Him so. (my exact words were... I am just not cut out for poly)

    So of course, I immediately fell in love with Him. (BIG grin) Seriously though, we have been together 7 months. In the beginning, I was terrified...sick to my stomach with the idea of Him with another. But as I deepened into my slavery to Him, it became about HIM not me and I surrendered that to HIm as well.

    So I can relate to your post as well as to Baby girl's comment above. Master can do what He wants when He wants with whomever He chooses. My job is to serve Him and give Him complete obedience and I do. As baby girl stated above, Master has already told me He will never be with anyone without telling me and Has even gone as far as to say He doesn't even want anyone else since He's been with me. (to which I was VERY elated about! :-) ) He has talked about the three of us in situations, and tells me He always wants me involved and that makes me feel somewhat better about it all as well.

    But the bottom line is, He is my Master/Daddy and if that is what He chooses, then so be it. I am His slave, His little girl, and His property. It's not for me to question, but simply obey and accept and make it the best experience I can for Him. I want Him happy...period. :-) great post!

  3. I hope that Master C would be honest with me about being with another although he has told me he does not have to.

  4. RT: I just discovered your blog through your comment on Baby Girl's blog and I find this topic very interesting because as Baby Girl said, she and her Master recently discussed this topic.

    And while her Master said it was his right to do it, he also said something like (you can go back and read it in their archives) why would he want to when he has a perfect slave who meets all of his needs.

    As you said, this is what you signed up for and if he decides to do it, you will have to accept it but I wouldn't be surprised if he decides not to go there and concentrates on his training of you and making you the best possible slave to serve his needs.