Monday, April 12, 2010

Punishment Is Near

Ok…I really did it this time. Master C is going to punish me harshly for breaking one of his very serious rules. You see, I have always shaved my pussy. I never liked too much hair down there. Anyway, a couple of months ago Master C asked me to stop shaving. That he liked hair. Lots of it. I agreed to keep it but I would really like to keep it well trimmed. That was not an option. I am not to shave.

Well, over the weekend I broke that rule. I just couldn’t help myself. It was driving me crazy. I knew it was wrong but a woman has to feel beautiful. That was my philosophy. Well, to my Master I don’t have much of a choice. So he has decided on my punishment. (1) I am not to have sex that will pleasure me. (2) He is going to come over and administer a harsh spanking everyday until the hair grows back. (3) I am to decide what he is to use on my ass. A paddle or his hand.

This is my question to you… The paddle is hard and after a while really stings. I have shed a tear over this paddle. Now Master C’s hand is horrible. He has no feeling in it from years of martial arts training when he was younger unfortunately, my ass still has plenty of feeling and I am unable to even hold still long. This is not an easy choice for me…Please help.

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  1. wow not sure what to say hun you are going to have a sore ass for a while if you choise either one

    your friend