Thursday, April 22, 2010


Submission... the word alone conjures up it's very definition. It defies imagination and instills a warmth within, a warmth in which too few find comfort. Submission, a warmth prepared to embrace ~ A solace waiting...

Perhaps in order to find understanding of submission we must first explore what it is not. Submission is not a weakness, not a character flaw. Submission is not involuntary servitude, nor is it a representation of a stature or place in society. Submission is not about being a doormat, nor about being a lesser person. Submission is none of these things.

I have come to believe that submission is an emotion, an inner feeling, a hunger satiated only by Dominance offered in love and commitment

Many call submission a gift in the context that submission is given to one who is deserving of it's receipt. Indeed, submission is a gift. The gift of submission is a gift of one's self, the inner essence of being, a complete and uncompromised emotional release flowing from the original possessor to the committed recipient. An emotion. A release. An offering. A tithing of pleasure passed from the living soul of one to the heart of another. Submission is warm, submission is soft, submission has no mass, has no weight and cannot be quantified, it can only be felt... just like an emotion.

Submission ... without it in My life, I am nothing ... with it, I am everything.

Always in Dominance and Forever with Love

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