Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Question

I love it when questions are brought to my attention. This is a good one… Once you realize that you are not vanilla can you ever go back?

For me the answer is no. Even the thought of going back to a “normal” sex life and “normal” relationship bores me. I have crossed over to the other side and even thou I have not tried all the kinky stuff out there; I do know that I can never go back. I have made the commitment to live my life a certain way in the hopes to find true happiness. And I’m getting there. I fight it at times but I want to make this work for me.

My blog has really opened my mind to all of you out there with different kinks and the way you view the world. I am so grateful for getting to know all of you. I am having a lot of fun and hope that my blog does that for you too.

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