Friday, April 30, 2010


I am going to go off the beaten path a little bit today. So bare with me… Have you ever just watched another couple fuck each other? Just watch.., no sex between you and the others in the room. Do you like to watch your mate masturbate? Even a better question, do you like to be watched? Are you an exhibitionist?

My ex and I once went to a bar. And I met a woman there and asked her if she would come home with us and fuck him. That I just wanted her to be with him. She agreed. So we went back to the house and hopped in the hot tub. And she started to blow him. My god, I have never seen anyone give oral the way this woman did. She was like a Hoover vacuum. With the sounds and everything. Then she began to fuck him. She was so erotic, it turned me on beyond belief.

Then with the same ex a few months later he found a man online who would watch us fuck. We made him sit in a chair across the room. We allowed him to touch himself as he watched but no touching. It was hot! I loved being watched even more then me watching someone else. I love showing displays of affection. In the movies, at a restaurant, in the street. I love it when I am touching or kissing a older man too. The looks you get... turn me on.

Am I crazy? Do you all feel the same way?

I have a busy weekend planned. My daughter has a dance competition that lasts 3 days. She is such a beautiful dancer and I cant seem to get enough of watching her on stage. Have a good weekend yourselves. Talk on Monday…


  1. I've watched a few people get it on... and I really enjoy that, much more than I enjoy being watched myself. At least, at this point. There is something very hot about having others around for some fun sexy times. :)

  2. Heather, you will come around in due time.

    And good luck on your finails