Thursday, April 29, 2010

Super Fun Friend

I have a friend who is such a man slut. He loves sex. No kink is too great…Last night he called me to tell me about his latest escapade. He can really tell a story. And this story had me going.

I got to wondering, if it is the sex that is so hot it keeps him going back for more, to push the boundary with himself and others or is it that he loves to tell the story? I am the only person he can tell. I love to listen and to hear about his experiences. (Although, some of the things he does is way beyond me)

Maybe I should suggest he start his own blog. To share his love for sex. To explore others out there with the same fetishes. What do you think? Are you the type of person that will try anything once? Is there to extreme when it comes to sex practices?


  1. I used to say I'd try anything once, but looking over the fetish lists on FetLife I couldn't help but go "Um no." at some of them. It's why Master and I are such a good match. As a scientist there are a few things he would never ask me to do, simply because of his research in some fields. Obviously anything illegal is out too, I would prefer not to go to jail just to have been able to say "Yeah I tried that, it got me here" lol.

    HOWEVER, If I'm not brave enough to try it, that doesn't exclude me enjoying reading about it (sometimes it might, it depends on what exactly we're talking about here). But for the most part if your friend can spin a good tale then YES get him to sign up for a blog and write it out!! He can always do so anonymously if he chose, that way he can tell it like it is and not worry about who's reading it. Although if he chooses to do that tell him to get a separate email account for the blog. My sister tried to be anonymous but she used her main email account. When her in-laws snooped and found her blog they used it against her. (And she's vanilla!! All she was doing was complaining from time to time about how they treated her and her kids!)

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, I'm now following yours :)

  2. Hello,

    An Invitation

    Please check out my new site and let me know if you would like to be listed and linked there with the rest of us.

    I would appreciate you taking a look and please let me know, when you have time:)

    Thank you.

    Jayne xx
    PS: please add your blog address when replying. Thank you. xx