Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crazy Fantasy

Things are slow in the sex department for me this past week. Master C has been busy and then became ill. So I sit here not being able to masturbate, totally sexually frustrated, with lots of fantasies in my head.

Last night I had day dream, right before I went to sleep. I am going to the Bon Jovi concert (really I am in just over a week) Anyway, I had a vision that I was at the concert with my man who was sitting next to me. I am wearing a skirt and flashy top. The people around us are dancing and singing…having a great time. I am standing up when I am pushed down on his lap with his cock pushed deep inside me. The feeling is great and the excitement of having public sex is incredible. The music is pounding and the people around us don’t seem to even notice what is going on. The sex is HOT…to unbelievable for this fantasy to come true.

Why are these images always coming into my head. IM LOVIN IT!!

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