Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Fantasy

It's a quiet Sunday morning. We are lying in bed, at right angles, making love slowly, my legs raised so he can lay under them, he is on his side, his cock in my pussy, barely moving in and out, I am rubbing my clit gently, no rush. I feel his finger entering my pussy, now his finger is beside his cock inside me. It feels good, He fucks me slowly with both finger and cock for a while, I circle my clit, moaning quietly. Then he pulls his finger out slowly, covered in my wetness. His finger moves down to my asshole. Circling it, toying with it. There is plenty of wetness dribbling down from my cunt for lubrication. I allow his finger to explore my anus, putting some pressure on the clenched muscle, running his finger over the ridges of my anal opening, exploring, tantalizing me. Slowly his finger enters me. As his cock rocks in and out of my pussy, his finger has a matching rhythm. I feel myself getting wetter, I moan quietly, appreciatively. "I want to you fuck my ass", I ask, throatily. "Do it gently, just as you are now, babe." He withdraws his cock from my pussy and lets it slide down till the tip is touching my puckered hole. Slowly he pushes forward, until the head of his cock is spreading my anus wider, then stops to let me get used to him. "OK, I can take it, give me some more," I whisper quietly. I feel stretched as his cock enters me, my ass opening up to allow him entry. I feel it sliding through the tight muscle. There is no pain, I am relaxed, just a feeling of fullness. I reach down to touch his cock and measure how much is in me, I can still feel a couple of inches outside me. "All the way, please, I can take it." I feel him push into me, filling my ass with his cock, there is no space between us now, the base of his cock touches my bottom. We rock back and forth, slowly at first, then faster. "Your ass feels so tight, squeezing my cock", he says, "it feels so fantastic.” The feeling is incredible, the extreme fullness of his cock penetrating, the gentle rocking. I rub my clit while he fucks me. I am starting to come, and I tell him to speed up. He fucks me faster, giving me about eight inches of his manhood. He is such a good lover, taking care of me, taking care not to hurt me, just to give me pleasure, controlling himself so that I will come. He pulls his cock all the way out, then pushes it back inside my bottom quickly. Now he is fucking me fast and hard, his balls slapping against me as his cock hits bottom... "Come in my ass, please, I want to feel your hot spunck, come with me" I beg. As I begin to come, my body trembles and it is enough to bring him to orgasm, I feel him shoot his spunk inside my bottom, he gives me a few more strokes as he empties his balls inside me. We lay there, breathing hard, smiling at each other, my hand stroking his hair, his hands playing with my breasts, twirling my nipples. "Thanks for being such a great playmate, that was so fuckin' intense and satisfying”

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