Friday, October 2, 2009


Control is a word I hear a lot when talking to RT. He says I am always trying to take control of every situation. He says that to be a submissive I have to learn to relinquish that control. And to trust what he says because it is for my best interest. Over the past few weeks I have tried very hard to trust his decisions. I do still fight for control... especially when we are involved in one of our sessions. RT calls me a brat but he's been extremely patient with me. Now that we are into week 4 of our relationship I feel that I have gained so much in understanding on how this type of relationship works and the strength that forms into this special bond.

This week I have learned a valuable lesson, one that I will share at another time, but I know now that RT truly cares for me and adores what I have to offer him.Submission and obedience is the one true gift I can give him

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