Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I want to share some of the quotes that some of you wrote. Thank you to all who are enjoying my writings.

Just read your blog and it's damn sexy...i really love erotic stories cause the mind is so important. the seduction or the detail of the way we can be seduced has such importance for what 's gonna happen next. The all life is sexy....have fun.


Your sexual highs have been transferred over to me through your willingness to share your personal adventures.It is like I am there and feeling the same things you are!!!!! wow ---great stuff.

- Richard

Do you feel like an exhibitionist with it yet----------- it is intensely personal and erotic. I feel like I am waiting for my turn to intensely pleasure you.


Very interesting stories of sorts. They all had one thing in common. They were both detailed and vague at the same time. You said a lot yet you said nothing. Well done.


I read the first page and it's really sexy. It feels very personal, and I will enjoy reading about how this relationship progresses. It turns me on to read how turned on you are getting by being dominated

- Mike

Remember by giving away all of your self power is the way you truly become powerful.


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