Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Lunar Eclipse

It was a warm, breezy summer night. My man and I went down to a beach a few miles out of town, to swim and later, watch the lunar eclipse. There were a lot of people on the beach, some had their camping chairs there, some, like us, had a rug spread out. Evening fell and the moon rose, light streaming across the bay, highlight the waves as they rolled in. The breeze still blowing, the clouds floated quickly across the sky, blocking the moon, bringing darkness as if a dimmer switch was turned slowly. Then as the clouds blew by, the moon would once again cast its stream of light across the water towards us.

 I was wearing a bikini top and shorts. We started  making out, cuddling and kissing. His wandering fingers would brush over my pussy, and I was wet, I am sure there was a clear circle of dampness... I could see out of the corner of my eye some people around us watching, smiling as we went at each other like young lovers. I didn't mind, I like people to watch.

As the sun and moon drew closer together, the skies began to darken. As we were far out of town there is no glow from streetlights, and the beach became pitch black. I started to fondle his cock, feeling him harden instantly. His hands reached inside the crotch of my shorts, his fingers exploring my wetness. I rolled him on his back, pulled down his shorts, and let his cock spring up, and immediately engulfed it in my mouth. His cock is average length, but thick and beautiful, circumcized....He moans quietly, his hands on my head, playing with my hair, forcing me down on him. I taste his pre-cum I know I don't have long before the darkness lifts, so I dip my finger in my wet pussy (oh god, that feels good) then wet it and push against his tight arsehole. There is not much resistance, he loves me to finger him there and my finger slides in, all the way, I put pressure on his prostate as I suck him off... he is forcing my head up and down, fucking my mouth, I fuck his ass with my finger, he is groaning loudly now, and he unloads himself in my awaiting mouth.  

As I sit up, I realize the eclipse is over, people around can see us clearly, they start laughing and whispering, god knows what. I stand up fix my clothing and grab our things. This night was amazing.

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