Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paula Dean--The Great Equalizer

Paula Dean is a biker and general rough girl but she could never imagine, I think, that her presentation cutting board would ever become what I call The Great Equalizer! It is a perfect paddle. Not to cause a lot of sting but to cause lasting soreness. It is heavy, very very heavy which puts me in a difficult position since I hate to work for my pain offerings but with it just swinging it is work! It is long enough to cover both cheeks if you want and thin enough to hurt more than a wider paddle but its weight that makes it a great paddle. As you can see from the photo to add more insult I have not even remove the price tag to let her know that she is getting it from a Walmart specials rack so I did not even spend too much on her torture, just a little be more to cheapen the beating!

Why do I call it The Great Equalizer? Well she is afraid of it and after or before the beating I like to have her serve cookies or something on it so that she has to see she did not even deserve a proper paddle and is being beaten with an off the rack serving cutting board! I relish bringing it out because just seeing it she gets nervous. It is a ton of fun for me because the temporary immediate pain is adequate but the aching pain lasts 2-3 days because of the way it works. She remembers me for several days and by the time it comes to the next beating her ass still feels a little of the last one. All misbehaving or behavior medication puts me as her ruler the second I mention The Great Equalizer because it puts her in a very obedient mood.

So go off to Walmart and buy one for yourself. Nothing like serving your friends and family on it because it makes a beautiful presentation and then putting it on your sub’s ass at the end of the evening, or in my case before and after so the memories are very longing for my sub. I am sure your sub will not thank me for this “cooking” tip, but you will! Afterall us Dom’s have to trade a few torture recipes don’t we?

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