Thursday, October 22, 2009

My New Boss

I dont write much fantasy but this came into my head and I just had to post it. ENJOY 

I am currently working as your executive assistant and as part of my duties I have been asked to get important reports to your shareholders by 1:00 today. I know they are important but I have a lot on my mind and I could not get them out until 3:00. The phones won't stop ringing--- they are trying to call you to complain. Of course I am unaware of this and you took it upon yourself to call the IT guys to track what I have been doing on my computer and it seems you caught me chatting with a man in a very sexual manner.

You call me into your office and lay out a printed copy of my emails. Told me I was going to lose my job for using company property to have Internet sexual relations. And on top of that the shareholders are very upset I was so late on their reports. I start to cry and tell you " I am sorry." "Please I need my job" You turn to me and say there is nothing he can do that you cant have this type of behavior going on in your office. " I understand but if there is something I can do to make it up to you Sir?"

"Well, I could give you a second chance but the punishment will be severe. Would you be willing to accept that punishment?"

"What's the punishment?" I look at you with embarrassed eyes.

" No, I will not tell you. You will just agree and go back to your desk and come and see me at 5:00 when the rest of the office goes home... Will you agree?"

"Yes Sir, I will do as you ask of me. I am committed to you and your company" I walk out of your office with my head down. I have no idea what you have planned but if I can keep my job for such a great company I would be grateful.

The next couple of hours are agony. I have a pit in my stomach. I just want this over with. The other girls in the office keep walking up to me with these sympathetic eyes. I don"t know why they do that. It's making me nervous.

Its 5:00 and the office is empty except for me and you. I knock on your door "Come in"

"Sir, You wanted to see me" I say softly

"Yes, Please stand in front of my desk"

"Yes Sir"

" I want you to do exactly what I questions. Agree?"

"Yes Sir"

" I want you to pull up your skirt and bend over my desk."

"But Sir"

"No Questions, or you will be on your way. " you said firmly.

Now I know why the other girls were giving me that look. They all must have been though this same experience. So I decided to do as you ask. I pulled up my skirt, Im warring nothing but a thong underneath feeling every exposed and I bend slowly over the desk. I hear the sound of your belt being slid out of your pant hoops. I cant no believe I am doing this. Is a job worth this? ...Yes it's worth it.

And without much warning and not saying a word SMACK (I think my eyes are going to pop out) SMACK (Shit) SMACK (tears are forming) SMACK (My bottom is on fire) SMACK (I yelped a little) SMACK (Oh my god, I cant take much more) SMACK (crying) SMACK "Please, Im sorry Sir" SMACK "SORRY" (crying loudly) SMACK "Pleeeese"

"Get up and compose yourself"

I stand up and fix my skirt, I'm looking at the floor. Still crying

"I am never going to speak of this again. You have a clean slate do not screw up. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry..Thank you Sir" I walked out of the office got my things and went into the restroom. I looked in the mirror at my very bruised and welted ass. Ouch! it really hurts but for some reason I am never felt so alive. I think you, my new boss... I know that you care so deeply about your company that you must be sure I will be a team player.

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