Thursday, October 15, 2009

Erotic Movie Review

 I watched a movie with Master C a few weeks ago called The Story Of O, and he wanted my review on it. So here is what I was thinking...

 You told me this morning that it is the thrill of the unknown that excites me. I have to say that this is very much true. The woman in the movie said that very same thing. She was about to be raped by Seth and she was bent over the sofa and her thought was to leave, she was frightened and humiliated but it was the thrill on how the story will end that excited her so much. I believe it is that same thrill that keeps me going on with the pain that you inflict. I do not like the pain. I am not very good at handling it. I am ashamed that I can not even remain standing bent over for you to finish your session on me. It gives me such conflicting feelings that I prefer just not deal with it. But as I said before it is years of fantasy and the excitement of the unknown that compels me to push forward and do as you ask of me.

I really liked the movie. Probably for different reasons then you. The first reason is stated above. Secondly, I liked that she was so willing to take what ever it was her Master was telling her to do. She never seemed scared although she most likely was. Thirdly, she lived on the the love of her Master. When the loved stopped she was willing to move on and accepted the love of someone else. On the visual part of the movie, it was very hot and sexy. I liked the beginning where he had the woman take her clothes off in the car. Then the stay at the castle.
Later that night, after the movie, I know that I was a baby about the paddle. It was so awful but afterwards when you would hold me and rub my ass. I felt very close to you. It seems the more you hit me the more I love your closeness. Yes, you still frighten me but deep down I trust you a great deal. 

I recommend this movie to all Doms and subs if you haven't seen it already. Enjoy!!

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