Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank You For My Pleasure

My breathing is shorter and my moans louder. I need to cum, I want to cum but just as my O is about to happen WACK! the cane comes down on my back. WACK! WACK! WACK! It hurts so much my O is gone but the pleasure of you in my ass is so great I still want to climax. You stop moving so I push myself back onto you. Then with your thrust once again brings me to the edge again when I feel WACK! with the cane on my ass and WACK! again on my back...over and over again my O is gone but I am going to cum. I have to cum. The pressure to cum is so great that I will do it no matter how much you beat me. Then it happens. I am so hot for you. I am cumming. I feel my legs starting to shake, my body trembling. My breaths are deeper and slower. My head spinning. Thank you my Master, for my pleasure.

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