Monday, October 5, 2009

Your Gift of Dominance

You asked me a question last night that I had a hard time answering. That is, what makes you choose me? I answered you "I don't know" and that is the truth. I keep thinking about this question... I suppose I find you entertaining, smart, in tuned with me. For years I have had these fantasies of someone like you. Someone who is willing to take control, someone willing to take all responsibility away form me. I have fantasized about being spanked and liking it... The reality is, it is a lot harder then I dreamed. The pain itself was far harder to take and giving up control is not something I am doing well with. With that being said, I still find myself calling you and asking you over. I enjoy your closeness. I like that you want to hug me even though I am not satisfying you.

I get disappointed in myself when I am unable to take anymore pain and you are almost forced to stop. I try to remain your in position as much as possible but at times it's impossible. But you do cut me a break and we continue the session later in the evening. And although I protest I bend over for you because I want to make you proud of me.

In the end, I am glad I was able to take what you have given me and I do see it as a true gift of your dominance.

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  1. Lil one:
    I have read your blog and I am impressed with your intuitiveness as it relates to your relationship with your Master. I think the most important thing you came to realize was that your relationship is solely based on trust. You have given the gift of your submission to your Master in return for His complete trust, nurturing, training and love. Your Master has treated you well with how He administers pain and then soothes you after. You seem to have a wonderful relationship that you can build on.

    -Lord Valiant 2004