Thursday, October 1, 2009


The Rosy story was the first RT ever written me. I have never knew anyone who was in such tune with my mind and my body like he is. He wrote this after our first meeting. I knew he was someone I had to get to know better. It was not so much what he said to me but how he said it and later how he acted upon what he was saying that had such an impact on me.

Those that saw her never took more than a glance at her. She was remarkably unremarkable at first site. Nevertheless, she was a diamond in the rough that looked more like a regular rock than most rocks do. It took an expert’s eye to see the diamond through the dirt and encrusted rock that covered that beautiful diamond. The second she said 10 words to him, even without seeing her, he knew what she was. He was able to sense the diamond inside her even from afar. She herself thought she was remarkable unremarkable and did not know what she was but what mattered was that he knew.
She did not know she was deeply hurt at one time. She thought she was happy go lucky in most things but he saw the tear in your soul. It was not a bad one but it was there. He had to take care because she was a runner. While her mind and heart did not know how remarkable she was, her soul knew, and it was dying to show her the value she carried inside her. Without knowing, she was dying to find that remarkable ability that most people never get to experience in their lifetimes. That adventure that most only fantasize about because they do not have the courage to live it. However, she did have the courage, just that like most things in her life, she had not been able to exercise it so like a nervous horse she spooked easily and at every shadow. She believed she controlled her own destiny and did not notice that life controlled her far more than she was willing to admit. Because what she saw was what she wanted to see, she saw the story she wrote in her head and not the reality that happened. No she was not blind, dumb, or crazy, she lived a life starved of the excitement she craved and needed, a life controlled by others, a life that was the same day in and day out—a life where she thought she was in control but in reality a life out of her control. To make her face this would be a tough task, yet he was confident he could make her do it!

Being used to thinking she was in control, she questioned everything and pushed and prodded to prove to herself that she was in control. She tried acting tough with him only to get a laughter in her ear and a back-handed slap to her ego that left her ego in the ground mesmerized. Since she spooked easily he also had to work on one of his worse weaknesses—his patience and pride. He was a beta dominant man who had the sins of pride and impatience because very few women could resist him. He was used to well trained submissive; and a vanilla woman with fantasies of submission was not his cup of tea. Yet he saw the brilliance of the diamond beneath the rock and knew to remove it without fracturing the diamond into a million worthless pieces he would need to be patient and allow things of a woman that he would normally throw her away for before moving to the next one. He had to be that patient supportive Dom that he wrote about in his first and most popular story The Olive Tree. He had grown out of that patience since he had gained experience and had dealt mostly with experienced subs who had problems for sure but that knew and understood submission at its core. No need to even define what submission was, as he needed to do for this one.
Submission means many things to many different people and most think that is just doing what you are told and it is far far more than that. It is the way it is done that makes it submissive. You can be a waitress and serve perfectly and show a smile, and even do a curtsy to your customers but that is just acting submissive as the job requires it is not being submissive. Submission is a feeling, a need in the soul itself that feeds the soul, heart, and mind simply by releasing control and being that log floating in the sea at the whim of the waves. Only when your submission comes from your very core and it is all you need for your pleasure can you be submissive. Carry not only did not know the meaning, she had no feeling. She was completely out of touch with her body and while she was very sexual she was little in touch with those parts as well. She was a contradiction upon a contradiction. She was not only clueless but she was na├»ve and worse yet mesmerized by the fantasy and afraid of the reality. Unable to imagine the feeling, unable to let go the mind and engaging her sensations and feelings, she was hard to reach. Even the most lascivious words did not reach her heart and soul or stir her imagination, they were just words and did not excite her as much as they did others. She was very literal and very private and clammed up about everything. There was only one way to reach her—her extreme curiosity!
She was a beauty and he would make her his. Not just the body, not just the desire, not just the mind, but the entire woman! She was definitely difficult but she was definitely worth it. Would you pay one million dollar for something that you can sell for ten million dollars? Well she was the ten million dollars that he was buying for one million and only he knew her true value. She was that rare gift that life rewards you with and even if he could sell for one hundred million he would not part with her willingly. She was sexy, smart, and very pretty. Well sexy is an understatement, while most only saw sexy they did not see the steel furnace beneath her hood that burned so hot that you had to be careful not to get burned. She was a complete pleasure—and she would be his, one rosy cheek at the time!

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